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"Exploring the Creative Minds: Top Canadian Furniture Designers You Need to Know"

Updated: Feb 5

These Canadian makers are making big strides in the interior design and creative industries. Here are 3 names perhaps you haven't heard of, but will wish you had after reading on. Continue reading to get the scoop on industry leading designers.

Kino Guerin

First up on our non-exhaustive list, is a local Canadian, Quebec based furniture designer making waves (quite literally) in the industry, Kino Guerin. A lesser known name, and one we think more should know!

Gurine is known for his creative twists on furniture-making elements, such as his famous 'why knot' line. Featuring bentwood, premium veneers, and genuinely unique shapes, this designer crafts state-of-the-art furniture pieces you will want to display everywhere!

Tom Fougere

Tom Fougere is a talented designer in the industry. He previously held the role of creative director for EQ3 for nine years before launching his own studio. This move is seen as a step towards celebrating his true talent and potential in the field. His pieces have been featured and displayed globally to date.


Lastly, there's Kastella, a Montreal-based designer and furniture studio. All of their pieces are directly hand-crafted in their Montreal-based warehouse using locally sourced materials. This is a ground-up, close-to-home business with an intimately driven approach. They truly have something for every space in your home.

This is not a sponsored post by any means, we simply like to give credit where credit is due. If you enjoyed any of these suggestions, be sure to save this page for later!


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